waltham street, flemington
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The renovation of this heritage dwelling requested part demolition part addition where the owner / builder requested 'a strong engineering component as feature'. A major idea was to have the new elements detach themselves completely for the heritage fabric. Narrow roof light connections help to accentuate a reading of history as well as functionally bring daylight into central areas. Previous red brick external walls became internal surfaces and 'textural artwork' for many of the new rooms. The 'engineering element' takes place in the form of 2 cantilevered plates (floor and ceiling canopies) inserted deep into the 'square tube' of the main Living pavilion. The 'tube' - open at either end - neatly frames the brick federation building at the north, whilst at the south the 'plates' cantilever out some 3.5m into the garden appearing to hover seemingly free of the box. The height of the canopies and non- regular ceiling material add to the cathedral like height and airy-ness of the space.