jessie st, cremorne
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The fit-out of Compulsive Productions was an exercise in combining new workplace & brand evolution with a business strategy to host collaborative in-house associations with advertising agencies, independent production freelancers & local creative’s. The key requirement was to introduce a ‘state-of-the-art’ Film-Editing suite for the primary business -with potential to ‘dry–hire’ to third parties. Inspired by the clients’ love of vintage cameras, the design conceptually references historic devices of photography & film – lens, glass, mirror, aperture blades. Notionally emulating a camera barrel -a series of open ended ply-clad acoustically lined pods span the warehouse space allowing visual permeability & connectivity. Truncated in plan & section the volumes play with perspective & depth providing 3d-spatial interest. Aligning with studies of ‘sci-fi’ and ‘film-noir’ the concept delights in the opposition of darkness & light and the tension of past, present & future. The futuristic pods - finely detailed, hi-tech & gleaming, enclosed and cocooning, play off the seemingly vast & infinite exposed nature of the existing warehouse -where surfaces are left rudimentary, old & industrial. The project is innovative in that the design is multi-dimensional allowing for cross-pollination & diversity of event.