office furniture system
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Designed as part bespoke sculptural object, part functional office apparatus and part internal space invigorator this experimental design of a ‘4’ part office furniture system explores concepts of material re-interpretation and the ability of light to re-invigorate and alter internal space. Conceived as a long bank of continuous work space the system of double layered desktop and optional support storage units is at its most effective spatially when in close proximity to a perimeter wall or backdrop plane. The contrast of colour within the material from light to dark and the contrast of black surface against the sharp warm edge of light set up similarly powerful sets of contrasts of figure/ground, object/plane type relationships that help bring added texture and colour to a rooms’ interior surface. Light here interacts with the surface to produce a hybrid plane that is neither material nor light but a combination of both & hence renders the figure as a weightless floating object in space.

$ 3,000

Interior Design Awards 2007 – Best Product
Inside ‘Idea’ Awards 2008 - Best Product / Furniture