park rd, middle park
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This compact double-fronted Victorian workers cottage in set within a gritty one way street in Richmond - a stone’s throw from the MCG. The conceptual drive of the project is largely in response to a brief which crystallised into a need to be connected with ‘green’ space. ‘Shakin Stevens’ is not only about a coloured front door but the experience of what’s beyond it. In a clear formal idea the rear composes 3 extruded white cubes that look essentially like they have been let go, landing like dice randomly on top of each other next to a Victorian house. The cubes which are opened at their ends (or sides where required) are utilised as devices to orchestrate views to green elements within the structure itself or within or beyond the site. This project embraces it ‘green-ness’, with interior, exterior and landscape -through colour - all informing each other with equal importance.